We Also Sell Parts!

Soft Serve, Batch freezers, or Displays

From Beater Motors to Drive Shafts, or Hopper Assemblies to Compressors.. We sell em all!  Factory Replacement is all we use to ensure The Best leaving our doors!

The Best Lines! Carpigiani, Bravo, Catabriga included

We specialize in the finest gelato making equipment and have over 15 years of hands on Tech experience!  Factory trained and certified, we know these soft serve parts as well as Anyone! Just send a note and see!

Same Day Shipping!*

We have 100% Tracking Updated on eBay, also less than a 1% late shipment rate on approximately 30 items a month! You can trust in our experience, our feedback online, and our simple small town business model to give each and every customer The Greatest Ice Cream experience!