About Us

Why Choose FDS?

Frozen Dessert Specialists is a small company with strong values.  We Specialize in providing only The Finest Used equipment to the Gelato                        and Soft Serve Industry nation wide!

The Gelato Experts!

From Carpigiani and Catabriga, to Stoelting, Electro Freeze, and Taylor, FDS has Factory Trained and Certified Refrigeration Technician on hand with a couple generations worth of Ice Cream/Gelato knowledge!  We can help with equipment sizing to meet your specific capacity needs, or refurbish your worn out machine with Factory OEM parts!

Get the "New" Experience for Half the Cost!

Looking to improve the quality of your product?  Maybe found out the costs to repair your old unit is too much, and was Shocked to find out how much New machines are?  That's where FDS comes in!  While we can sell you Brand New on several lines of equipment, we Specialize in making used machines as good as new!  Beater refubishments, Beater motor and drive replacements.  We have the tools and knowledge to pull off Any caliber of job, and deliver to our customers a "like new" experience, for half the cost!  All of our units come with a Parts Replacement Warranty to ensure The Best machine possible is leaving our doors!  

Thank you for checking us out!!

We are soo much more than a website can explain.  If you would like to check out our Current and Tested inventory, we have that listed in our eBay store!  Otherwise, if you are looking for help/advice, or maybe a piece of equipment you dont see in our store? Give us a call! We will do the best we can to find and make the sale!